"Visualise, analyse, present and share all of your 3D geospatial data with Unlimited Detail™"

What does udStream do?

udStream is an application that allows the loading and displaying of multiple disparate 3D data formats, including Euclideon's proprietary Unlimited Detail™ format (.uds).

udStream includes a suite of tools for viewing geolocated datasets and unlocking their value. Contained within the application are powerful tools for measurement, visual interrogation, filtering and more, allowing the user to harness powerful and valuable insights from previously inaccessible data.

Why udStream?

udStream distinguishes itself against other 3D data applications in the market. It allows the visualisation of an unlimited amount of points within a particular dataset, and combines this with an accurate, geolocated overview that is entirely controlled by the user. It also contains tools for measuring and viewing datasets in industry-standard ways, and can incorporate polygon, BIM, CAD and other valued 3D formats within the one fully customisable scene.

What does udStream offer?

An all-inclusive 3D viewer with Unlimited Detail™

udStream can be used on any device and is solving visualisation challenges across a wide range of industries. Visualise CAD and BIM models, alongside point clouds and photogrammetry datasets to make better decisions with your data. A fast and intuitive interface allows maximum manipulation and interrogation of 3D images, and well as measurement tools, line-of-sight, video flythroughs and more.

Polygon filtering

Isolate and expose complex sections of your 3D point clouds to enable further analysis and insight. Manipulate and examine your datasets in a fast, precise and intuitive way.

Change detection

Change detection allows the comparison of two different 3D data sets in real-time, enabling fast and intuitive choices in the real world. Finding differences in the point clouds becomes obvious by using user-defined colors. Change detection allows your team to make better quality decisions.


Collaboration within udStream and udCloud has never been easier. Recent enhancements allow multiple users to interact within the same 3D environment, share insights and digital workspaces with internal and external stakeholders. Coupled with udCloud project level controls, project owners can confidently ensure the right people have the right access to the right data at the right time.

udStream Plans

udStream Free

Explore the power of udStream

- 3D Viewer powered by Unlimited Detail™
- Convert datasets to .uds format
- Load projects from udCloud™
- Built-in Line, Height & Area measurement tools


udStream Premium

Unleash the full power of udStream

- 3D Viewer powered by Unlimited Detail™
- Convert datasets to .uds format
- Load projects from udCloud™
- Built-in Line, Height & Area measurement tools
- Add Box, Sphere and Cylinder Filters to models
- Toggle viewport to enable second point of view
- Add Cross-section to show all the points within a plane
- Add Viewshed to identify the visible area from a selected vantage point.
- Add a GTFS (General Transit Feed Specification) to a project to display real-time IoT feeds


Visualise 3D Data with Unlimited Detail™